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Zungi Sathi was an Indian sailor who served as the ship's steward aboard the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. He was accidentally shot by Bosun's Mate Charles Miner when a bullet from Miner's rifle went through a wall and Sathi was on the other side.


Sathi was the ship's steward, and it was his task to do general duties for the comfort of the crew aboard the ship. He was first seen holding a lantern on the gun deck when three mermaids were brought on board and carried to the lazarette.[1] He witnessed the deaths of cook Thomas Sefton and seaman William Wasim in the process.[2] Later, he assisted surgeon Henry Evans while seaman John Naples dies from his wounds.[3]

When the crab riders attacked the ship, Sathi was hit by a spike, but he was not killed instantly. Wounded, he withdrew from the battle on the orlop deck and crawled to the end of the port walk. As he was sitting down, back against the wall, Bosun's Mate Charles Miner fired at the enemy on the other side, and the shot went through a wall, killing Sathi. He lay dead in the port walk and was not found for the remainder of the voyage.

In the final insurance assessment, the East India Company awarded his estate outstanding wages worth £35.[4]


Ship's Steward Zungi Sathi holding a lantern in Unholy Captives, part 2.

Sathi's face becomes unblurred as soon as he is first seen in Soldiers of the Sea, part 7. His role can be identified as a steward based on his clothing. He can be identified by assuming that he is Indian, either because he is darker than the other Stewards or because of his facial hair (only Indian characters sport beardless mustaches). As the only steward from India there is only one choice. Another way is to rule out all other possibilities. He has no spoken lines in the game.

His fate is shown in Soldiers of the Sea, part 7. His killer, Bosun's Mate Charles Miner, cannot be highlighted in the death diorama as he is too far away. Later, when Miner's identity is known, his bald head and light-colored pants make him recognizable. Sathi is spiked in an earlier scene, but can be seen crawling away throughout Soldiers of the Sea, before he is accidentally shot through the wall. The shot leaves a hole in the wall that is not present in memories before he is shot.


Sathi appears in seven memories. Chronologically, he first appears in Unholy Captives, part 2. He perishes in Soldiers of the Sea, part 7. He appears in the Justice at Sea sketch although the game claims he is depicted in the Under Way sketch.