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William Wasim was an Indian seaman aboard the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. He fell down a flight of stairs as a stretcher carrying a wrapped mermaid crushed his skull.

Story and fate

Wasim tended to stick close to his compatriots among the seamen and, together with Abraham Akbar, took the responsibility of seeing to the burial of Soloman Syed and Renfred Rajub when they died from a lung disease.[1]

He died when carrying a captive mermaid down to the lazarette. After the mermaid attacked and killed the cook Thomas Sefton, the group of sailors carrying it lost their footing, leading to Wasim at the front falling down the stairs and landing in such an unfortunate way as to break his neck.[2]

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident praised Wasim for exceptional performance of duties. His estate was awarded £25 in outstanding wages and reward.[3]


Wasim can be identified in A Bitter Cold, part 1. While Syed is dying, he stands next to his hammock, speaking to him. His empty hammock can be seen nearby and the numbered tag is clearly visible.


Wasim is first introduced to the player in his death scene. His chronological first appearance is in A Bitter Cold, part 1, where he tries to help his sick crew member Soloman Syed. He is depicted in the Under Way sketch.


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