This page contains patch notes[1] of the game. The latest preview build is only available on Steam and needs to be enabled separately.[2]

1.1.110 (default, preview)

  • Updated Korean localization (new font, translation fixes, better word-wrap).
  • Updated Simplified Chinese localization (fixed 被刀杀死 and 被剑杀死 verbs).
  • Added "strangled" as valid fate for two unfortunate crew members.
  • Added checkpoint saves to help recover progress after a crash.


  • Added Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean localizations.
  • Added frame sync and log command line options.
  • Fixed a few minor scene geometry errors.
  • Fixed a case where the ghost trail could get stuck inside an invisible box.
  • Fixed incorrect mouse clamping logic again.
  • Fixed a few typos in the game text.
  • Fixed 50Hz/60Hz physics/rendering mismatch. (Thanks @bfod and @phort99)


  • macOS: Remove Metal API support to prevent preloaded shaders crash.
  • Use the name "CopiedOver" when backing up copied-over saves.


  • macOS: Use automatic API selection (Metal/OpenGL).
  • macOS: Set bundle version correctly.
  • Localization updates.


  • Fix for stuttering mouse input.
  • Fix for mouse remaining locked after ALT-TAB.
  • Allow W/S for scrolling up/down in book map & sketch.
  • Show "?" on map for unlocked but unvisited corpses.
  • Add some additional fate variations for a few deaths.


  • Fix soft-lock issue when exiting/crashing in The Calling chapter.
  • Fix rewind bug in Bargain chapter.
  • Fix sketch not hiding to show fates-correct animation.
  • Fix unresponsive fate editor after changing face from manifest.
  • Change left/right to jump up/down manifest by 10 entries.
  • Don't show page turn glyphs on first/last page of book.
  • Remove "?" from manifest fate editor.
  • Fix UI appearing in 3D scene in some flashbacks.


  • Fix mouse sensitivity issues.
  • Add story details to The Calling & Murder chapters.
  • Fix top-deck pocketwatch triggering from cabin below.
  • Select system language on first boot.
  • Add slight auto-run: Increase walk speed after a few seconds of continuous movement.
  • Add some additional fate variations for a few deaths.
  • Brighten some skeletal remains on the ship.
  • Move deleted saves to a "Backup" subfolder.
  • Optional logging with system information.
  • Localization updates.


  • Fix falling through various parts of the ship when transitioning states.
  • Fix nonfunctional left mouse button for some systems.
  • Fix pause menu "View Controls" popup getting stuck.
  • Book tutorials: Don't skip when moving the mouse.
  • Disable log file to fix some performance hitches.
  • Fix pocketwatch hands popping when returning from flashback.
  • Small localizations tweaks.


  • Initial release


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