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Unholy Captives, part 4 is the last part of chapter V in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of seaman John Naples.

After the three mermaids have been taken to the lazarette, Captain's steward, Fillip Dahl attacks Naples, cutting his leg off. Captain Witterel summons Bosun Alfred Klestil and his mate, Charles Miner, to discipline Dahl for acting out. When Dahl announces that the mermaids are cursed and urges his interrogators to throw them back, Captain Witterel orders Miner to lock Dahl up into the lazarette where the mermaids are being kept in cages. Meanwhile, Surgeon Henry Evans, his mate, and Ship's Steward Zungi Sathi attempt to treat Naples's wounds, but Naples bleeds to death.

Meanwhile, on the orlop deck, seamen Alexander Booth, Lars Linde, and George Shirley are carrying the Formosan chest down the stairs and Gunner's Mate Olus Wiater prevents butcher Emil O'Farrell and artist Edward Spratt from entering the cargo hold. Carpenter Winston Smith and his mate Marcus Gibbs bring a stretcher to take away the body of seaman William Wasim.

When playing a new game, the pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to Unholy Captives, part 3.

Things of interest

Allegedly not the worst spot seaman John Naples has been in.

  • The identity of seaman John Naples can be deduced as Surgeon Henry Evans addresses him by his first name, John. There is another John aboard (Fourth Mate John Davies), but the lack of a uniform makes it clear that this victim is not him.
  • The identity of Captain's steward Fillip Dahl can be deduced as he is being hauled away with the captain looking at him, while in the transcript the captain identifies the perpetrator as his steward. If it is unclear that it is the captain speaking in the audio and thus who's steward is responsible, a further clue is that the perpetrator speaks Swedish, and there is only one Swede in the crew manifest.
  • Bosun's Mate Charles Miner is dragging Dahl towards the lazarette as per the captain's orders. His fate there will not be discovered until Bargain, part 1.
  • Bosun Alfred Klestil can be seen with his whistle around his neck.


This memory is accessible via bones and a shoe by the aft ladder of the cargo hold. This is the missing leg referenced in the dialog.


The areas roughly between the main mast and the fore mast in the cargo hold and on the orlop deck are accessible. Stairs leading to the gun deck are blocked by crewmembers carrying the chest. The exit is towards the stern in the cargo hold.

Transcript Media:Unholy_pt4.ogg

  • [Evans] "Keep pressure here."
  • [Witterel] "Hold him down. What madness is this? Twenty years my steward and never a doubt on your sanity. Explain yourself!"
  • [Dahl] "Those ungodly beasts carry a curse! Throw them back or doom us all!"
  • [Witterel] "Tie him up and put him in the lazarette with those.. things. He may yet find his senses."
  • [Dahl] "Era dårar! | You fools!"
  • [Evans] "All's fine John. Been in worse spots I think. Where's the rest of his leg?"