Unholy Captives, part 1 is the first part of chapter V in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fates of Formosan guardsman Chioh Tan and seaman Hamadou Diom.

While the mermaids are being hauled onboard, Diom holds Tan in place for Captain Witterel, with Chinese topman Huang Li acting as interpreter, to interrogate Tan for his actions and the importance of the chest, the dead Formosans, and the mermaids. Tan says that the shell in the chest must be protected, lest everyone onboard die. Before Captain Witterel can get more details about the shell, a mermaid randomly shoots spikes at the crew. One spike hits Tan and Diom, killing them both.

When playing a new game, the pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to The Calling, part 6.

Things of interest Edit

  • Nobody's identity can be deduced based on this part alone.
  • The part reveals that the captain had no knowledge of the contents of the Formosan chest or the shell it contained.
    Tan diom death

    Passenger Chioh Tan and seaman Hamadou Diom are hit by a spike.


This memory is accessible via a body by the bow staircase on the gun deck.


Areas roughly between the main mast and the foremast on the main deck and the gun deck are accessible. The exit is by the main mast on the gun deck.

Transcript Edit

  • [Perrott?] "Lift this out and take it below."
  • [Witterel] "What the hell is going on? What do you know about these things? About the chest and your dead friends?"
  • [Li] "這是 啥物?佗位來的?| What are these monsters? Where are they from? 全部 講出來!| You must tell us everything."
  • [Tan] X "攏是恁害的啦!| This is your fault! 彼个海螺仔殼竟然無顧給好!| The shell must be protected! 這聲咱穩死的!| We will all die!"
  • [Li] "He talk about a shell. Very dangerous."
  • [Witterel] "Shell? What shell?"
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