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The Under Way sketch. Click on or hover over faces for details. Click here to see the grayed out area as it appears in the game.

Under Way is a sketch, probably in pencil, by English Artist Edward Spratt.


The sketch shows about half of the Obra Dinn's crew shortly after the ship's departure from London to Falmouth to take cargo before heading to Asia.[1] One group can be seen playing dice, another is playing cards. Some are dancing with some of the female passengers, while another passenger plays the violin. Two groups of sailors are seen talking and drinking.

25 people are depicted within the artwork. Working clockwise:


The sketch was drawn before the events of Loose Cargo, part 1.[1] It is unclear how the sketch ended up in the possession of Surgeon Henry Evans. The sketch does not seem to have suffered unduly from Evans' trip to Morocco in an open boat. It is currently in the possession of the East India Company's chief inspector as an insert in a book about the fate of the Obra Dinn.


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