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Timothy Butement was a Scottish topman aboard the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. He was shot and killed by Second Mate Edward Nichols while confronting him.


Butement appeared only twice during the game and his face was visible only once. He was first seen sleeping in his hammock with his arm, which had a tattoo of a woman, sticking out.

He was one of the crewmen who attempted to stop Second Mate Edward Nichols from absconding with the chest, a shell, two Formosan hostages, and a handful of crewmen. The moment Nichols ordered his men to hurry up, Butement confronted the group, but Nichols quickly shot him down. Butement's foot got entangled in a rope.

At the end of the attacks by both the crab riders and the Kraken, First Mate William Hoscut apparently noticed Butement's body hanging by the window and got topman Lewis Walker to attempt to salvage the body. It would have been salvaged until topman Leonid Volkov attacked Dr. Evans and his group.

Butement's body was left to hang and his lower leg's skeletal remains can be found outside the window of the First Mate's cabin.

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident found extraordinary valor in Butement's actions. His estate was awarded £35 in outstanding wages and reward.[1]


Based on his accent and clothing, Butement can be identified from Murder, part 3 alone, as he is the only Scottish non-officer crew member on board. The game will not unblur him until after A Bitter Cold, part 1. In that scene, his tattooed right arm can be seen hanging from hammock number 37. The same tattoo can be clearly seen during his death in Murder, part 3, allowing for unambiguous identification.


Butement appears only twice, plus in the Under Way sketch.


Butement shares a voice actor with Hoscut and the boatman, so all male Scottish characters with speaking lines are voiced by James McCreadie.


  1. Stated in the insurance assessment book in the epilogue if Butement's fate is deduced correctly.