The End, part 4 is the final part of the last chapter in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of Captain Robert Witterel, the last surviving member aboard the Obra Dinn.

Overcome with grief, Captain Witterel sits beside his dead wife, Abigail. He laments the death of First Mate William Hoscut, her brother and his friend (whom he killed earlier in The End, part 1). The captain asks Abigail to forgive him for everything before shooting himself in the chest.

Things of interestEdit

  • Two identities can be deduced in this scene: Abigail Hoscut Witterel, because the captain mentions her by name, and her brother, William Hoscut, due to Abigail keeping both her maiden name and the captain's when they got married.
  • The knife topman Lewis Walker stabbed the captain with in The End, part 3 is in the previous room.


This memory is accessed via a skeleton on the floor near the port side passenger cabins accessed from within the captain's quarters.


The stern of the main deck, the poop deck, two of the passenger cabins, and the captain's quarters can be accessed.

Transcript Edit

  • [Witterel] X "Abigail. Your brother. My friend. I shot him... ...dead. I'll be with you... ...soon, my love. Please forgive me. For everything."
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