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The End, part 2 is the second part of the last chapter of the story in Return of the Obra Dinn. In the narrative, it is the second memory presented to the player, and it reveals the fate of seaman Henry Brennan.

Brennan, thinking that the shells are in the captain's quarters, steps inside and demands the shells' whereabouts. Captain Witterel reveals that he threw the shells to the bottom of the sea. Brennan attacks Captain Witterel in disbelief and stabs him in the left shoulder with his handspike. In retaliation, Captain Witterel slashes Brennan's throat. Meanwhile, Walker jumps from the poop deck to the captain's quarters to ambush Captain Witterel.

Things of interest

The captain slits Brennan's throat with a knife.

  • Nobody's identity can be deduced with the information provided in this memory.
  • Topman Lewis Walker can be seen lowering himself from the poop deck to attack the captain from behind. He dies trying in The End, part 3.
  • Brennan's handspike is seen lying on the ground in The End, part 1. It looks similar to the one used by bosun's mate Charles Miner in The Doom, part 8.


This memory is accessed via a skeleton in the middle of the floor inside the captain's quarters. The exit is on the main deck towards the front of the ship on the starboard side.


The stern of the main deck, the quarterdeck, one of the passenger cabins, and the captain's quarters can be accessed.

Transcript Media:End_pt2.ogg

  • [Brennan] X "Where are they? Must be in here someplace."
  • [Witterel] "They're at... ...the bottom of the sea."
  • [Brennan] X "That's a lie."