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The Doom, part 8 is the last part of chapter VII in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of passenger Abigail Hoscut Witterel, the wife of Captain Witterel.

Hoscut Witterel goes to Third Mate Martin Perrott on the main deck to ask where her husband is. When she insists, Perrott tells her that Captain Witterel is below deck (partaking in events of Bargain, part 2 and 3). Before he could take her below deck, a piece of the mast falls on Hoscut Witterel, killing her. First Mate's Steward Paul Moss and passengers Emily Jackson and Jane Bird watch in horror.

When playing a new game, the pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, leading to the corpse of topman Maba and The Doom, part 7.

Things of interest

The kraken grabs helmsman Finley Dalton.

  • It is possible to deduce the identity of Third Mate Martin Perrott based on this part alone. Hoscut Witterel calls him by his first name and the crew manifest has only one person with the first name Martin.
  • It is possible to deduce the identity of three of the four female passengers based on this part alone.
    • Abigail Hoscut Witterel can be identified based on the fact that she refers to the captain as her husband, and the two share the same last name.
    • Miss Jane Bird is listed in the crew manifest as "Miss Jane Bird", meaning that she is unmarried.
    • Emily Jackson has a wedding ring on her finger implying she is married.
    • The only other woman on board is Formosan.
    • Using the above facts the identity of Bird and Jackson can be deduced.
  • This is one of the two memories in which helmsman Finley Dalton appears. His fate is shown indirectly as he is about be swept away by the kraken, dangling above the quarterdeck. He is listed as disappeared in this chapter.
  • A large wave is breaking over the rail. This may be because helmsman Dalton, in the clutches of the kraken, can no longer steer the ship perpendicular to the swells, which is the preferred method of navigating in rough weather.
  • This memory indirectly also shows the fate of topman Wei Lee. A tentacle is about to pull him down from the rigging on the port side. He is also listed as disappeared in this chapter.
  • The third person whose disappearance is indirectly referenced is bosun's mate Charles Miner. He is seen stabbing a tentacle with a handspike similar to what seaman Henry Brennan will pick from the deck later in The End, part 2. Miner's death is confirmed in Escape, part 1.
  • Next to Miner, the kraken wraps its tentacle around the arm of bosun Alfred Klestil. His death is seen in Escape, part 1. This is yet another scene where the bosun and his mate appear side by side.


This memory is accessed via a body in the port side passenger cabin, accessible via captain's quarters.


Only the middle part of the main deck is accessible. A wave and a tentacle block access to the quarterdeck. The exit is towards the bow.

Transcript Media:Doom_pt8.ogg

  • [Witterel] X "Martin! Where is the captain?"
  • [Perrott] "Have you lost your mind? Get back inside!"
  • [Witterel] X "I want my husband! Where is he?"
  • [Perrott] "He's below deck! Come here!"