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The Doom, part 6 is the sixth of chapter VII in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of midshipman Peter Milroy.

Milroy and a fellow midshipman, Thomas Lanke, go to the main deck with cartridge bags in hand, intending to use them against the Kraken that is attacking the ship. As Milroy approaches a capstan, the Kraken grabs him and thrashes him around. Lanke attempts to pull Milroy back to safety, but the bag blows up in Milroy's hand, killing him.

When playing a new game, viewing this diorama gives access to the gun deck.

Things of interest

Topman Maba witnesses the explosion.

  • Neither of the midshipmen can be identified based on this memory alone. However, later in Escape, part 6, this scene is referenced when midshipman Thomas Lanke asks First Mate William Hoscut to tell "Pete's mother" how he tried to pull Milroy to safety, making it possible to identify Milroy (he is the only Peter on board and they are both midshipmen seen together in The Doom, part 5).
  • On the starboard side, topman Omid Gul is seen falling into the ocean. He is listed as disappeared in chapter VII, and this confirms his fate.


This memory is accessed via a torso on the main deck, on the port side of the capstan.


Only the front portion of the main deck from the bow to the main-mast is accessible. The exit is by the mast.

Transcript Media:Doom_pt6.ogg

  • [Lanke] "Get to the main bitt, quick! Hold on! Hold on! Throw it! Throw the powder!"