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The Doom, part 2 is the second part of chapter VII in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of Edward Spratt.

Spratt is using the ship's head at the bow. Shortly after, Kraken crushes his chest.

Things of interest

Spratt got caught pants down.

Topman Omid Gul's scimitar.

  • After viewing the diorama, two of the faces become unblurred:
    • Third mate's steward Roderick Andersen can be identified since he is carrying dishes for the third mate. Stewards' uniform can also be seen hanging in their room on the gun deck (not while inside the diorama, though).
    • Topman Wei Lee can be identified as his hammock (see the number tag on the hammock) is behind him while he is talking to seaman George Shirley.
  • A scimitar is seen hanging by the hammock that has number tag 36, indicating that it belongs to topman Omid Gul. In plot time, he used it earlier in parts 4, 7, and 8 of chapter VI. In narrative time when playing a new game, the player has not seen chapter VI yet.
  • Hammock 48 can be seen, indicating that the brother who is still alive is Nathan Peters rather than Samuel Peters.


This memory is accessed via a skull and bones on the bow on the gun deck. The port side door to the bow in the galley opens after viewing The Doom, part 6.


Front parts of the gun deck and the main deck until the main-mast are accessible. The exit is next to the bosun's mate's room.

Transcript Media:Doom_pt2.ogg

There is no spoken dialog in this scene.