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The Doom, part 1 is the first of chapter VII in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of seaman Lars Linde.

For reasons not disclosed to the player, purser Duncan McKay and seamen Alexander Booth and Nathan Peters plan to escape the Obra Dinn. Linde wants to join them, but Peters refuses and accuses Linde of killing his brother Samuel Peters (in Loose Cargo, part 1). Linde and Booth attempt to assure Nathan that Samuel's death was accidental, but Nathan clubs Linde anyway.

When playing a new game, this part becomes available after viewing The Doom, part 2. Exiting this diorama reveals the Disappearances section for chapter VII in the catalogue.

Things of interest

Seaman Nathan Peters clubs seaman Lars Linde.

  • Seaman Lars Linde's identity can be deduced as Peters refers to him as you bloody Dane, and the crew manifest lists only one Danish crew member.
  • Seaman Nathan Peters' identity can be assumed based on this diorama and The Doom, part 2: He says he has a brother, and the crew manifest has only two men with the same last name (#48 and #60). Nathan Peters' empty hammock #48 is also seen on the gun deck a moment later. Assuming his dead brother's hammock is not kept hanging, it can deduced that the Peters taking a lifeboat in this diorama is Nathan.
  • This diorama reveals who the men falling into the sea a little later are: purser Duncan McKay, seamen Alexander Booth and aforementioned Nathan Peters.
    • When playing a new game, only Peters' name and fate are known at this point.
  • Lars Linde is holding a knife for an unknown reason.


This memory is accessed via a body on the main deck, on the port side of the cargo hatch.


Only the middle portion of the main deck from the mizzen-mast to the main-mast is accessible. The exit is by the main-mast.

Transcript Media:Doom_pt1.ogg

  • [Peters] "Over my dead body you bloody Dane."
  • [Linde] X "Eh? How's that?"
  • [Booth] "There's no cause for trouble, boys. Get in the boat."
  • [Peters] "Thought I'd forget? You killed my brother."
  • [Linde] X "What? That was an accident! The ropes!"
  • [Booth] "It wasn't his fault. I saw the whole thing."
  • [Peters] "Lies! I shouldn'a waited so long!"
  • [Booth] "No! Don't!"