The Calling, part 6 is the final part of chapter IV in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of Second Mate Edward Nichols.

As the only survivor of the mermaid attack, Nichols is on a lifeboat and catches sight of the Obra Dinn heading his way and hails it. While some of the crewmen call for the lifeboats to be recovered, Nichols catches sight of passenger Chioh Tan, at this point the last Formosan onboard, aiming at him. He begs Tan not to shoot, but Tan shoots him anyway and kills him.

When playing a new game, the pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to The Calling, part 5.

Things of interest Edit

  • Fourth mate John Davies can be seen looking out of the window of his cabin. However, since the other mates can be identified earlier (their identities are made clear in The End, part 4, The Doom, part 8, and Murder, part 1, respectively), he can at this point be identified as the last person in the Justice at Sea sketch to wear a high-ranking officer's uniform.
  • This is the first memory the player experiences not on any part of the Obra Dinn itself, and chronologically the last.

Where Edit

This memory is accessible through Nichols' corpse on the main deck, port of the capstan.

Areas Edit

Only the water off the port side of the ship, towards the stern of the ship, is accessible. The ship cannot be boarded.

Others present Edit

Aside from Edward Nichols, there are 3 others present.

Also present are some corpses.

A shell, the chest, and three living mermaids are also present.

Transcript Edit

  • [Dahl] "They're back!"
  • [Nichols] X "Wait! Don't shoot! I have treasure! I yield!"
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