The Calling, part 4 is the fourth part of chapter IV in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of passenger Bun-Lan Lim.

In an attempt to save Lim's life, her fellow passenger, It-Beng Sia, takes a shell in the chest's drawer and places it into the upper compartment,[1] releasing columns of energy that stun mermaids attacking the boats. Unfortunately, at this time, Lim has succumbed to her wounds.

When playing a new game, the pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, taking the player directly to The Calling, part 3.

Things of interest Edit

  • Nobody's identity can be deduced based on the diorama.
  • The fate of passenger Lim is not obvious in this diorama, save blood stains on her shirt. Further evidence is provided in the previous part.

Where Edit

Sia chest

Passenger It-Beng Sia places a shell into the chest.

This memory is accessible through Lim's corpse on the main deck by the main mast.

Areas Edit

The diorama takes place out on the open sea, where only two rowboats and their passengers are seen. The Obra Dinn is nowhere in sight.

Others present Edit

Aside from Bun-Lan Lim, there are two others present.

Also present are some corpses.

Two shells, the chest, and two stunned mermaids are also present. There is a third mermaid under the waves, hit by one of the energy ribbons.

Transcript Edit

  • [Sia] "我提著啊! | I have it! 閣等一下!| Hold on!"


  1. The shell in his hand is only visible when highlighting Sia by holding the E key.
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