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The Calling, part 1 is the first part of chapter IV in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of topman Li Hong.

Out on the open sea, Second Mate Edward Nichols leads his mutineers on an expedition to the Canary Islands. It-Beng Sia and Bun-Lan Lim worry about their chest falling into the ocean and drawing in monsters. Hong then voices confusion about their conversation as a mermaid throws a spear at him.

Things of interest

  • If not yet identified, the identity of passenger Bun-Lan Lim can be deduced since her name is mentioned in the English translation (but not in the dialog in Hokkien), and she is the only person with that last name on board. She is also the only woman in the scene and addressed as Miss (小姐).


7 others were present.


This memory is only accessible through the corpse of Patrick O'Hagan in the previous diorama.


The diorama takes place out on the open sea, where only two rowboats and their passengers are seen. The Obra Dinn is nowhere in sight.

Transcript Media:Calling_pt1.ogg

  • [Nichols] "Keep course due east. We'll reach the Canaries in 3 days. You packed enough stores?"
  • [Galligan] "Aye, sir. Checked and loaded um me self."
  • [Nichols] "Good. Stay quiet and alert. If the wind picks up we've no chance against the Obra Dinn."
  • [Sia] "小姐,妳有按怎無? | Miss Lim, are you alright?"
  • [Lim] "嗯,我無問題。 | Yes, I am ok.
    但是彼个箱仔,絕對袂使落入去水底!| But the chest. It must not fall into the ocean."
  • [Sia] "若是遐的怪物出現,妳絕對莫起來! | If the monsters come, you must stay down!"
  • [Hong] X "They say strange things! About monsters!"