Soldiers of the Sea, part 8 is the eighth and final part of chapter VI in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It part reveals the fate of carpenter Winston Smith.

The last crab rider attacks Smith at the bottom of the stairs to the cargo hold. As it is spearing him to death, Smith shoots the crab rider with his hand mortar.

It appears that Smith has lured the crab rider into the cargo hold where Nathan Peters, Maba and Alexander Booth were waiting to ambush the beast. Omid Gul and Charles Miner can be seen at the top of the stairs on the Orlop Deck attacking the creature from above, while Nathan Peters can be seen attacking from under the stairs. Alexander Booth is having his weapon torn from his hands by the beast. Maba appears to be standing aside with a cutlass in his hands.

Things of interestEdit


Smith shoots the crab rider while being clawed at the same time.

  • The crab-rider gets a mention in the journal during this scene:
    • "A hideous monster perished with a brave but unfortunate soul."


This memory is accessed via the body of the beast stored inside the Bosun's Store on the cargo hold.


Only the bow on the Cargo Deck is accessible. The exit is towards the aft of the ship.

Transcript Edit

  • [Smith] X "Is that all!?"
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