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Soldiers of the Sea, part 4 is the fourth part of chapter VI in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fates of Surgeon's Mate James Wallace and topman Jie Zhang.

A crab rider invades the orlop deck and uses its mount's pincers to grab Wallace and Zhang by their necks. Hershtik then throws his lantern at the crab rider to set it on fire.

Meanwhile, Gunner's Mate Olus Wiater is opening the hatch to the cargo hold while Gunner Christian Wolff distributes handguns and weapons to the crew.

The pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to Soldiers of the Sea, part 3.

Things of interest

A giant crab kills Surgeon's Mate James Wallace and topman Jie Zhang.

  • The identity of Topman Omid Gul can be deduced based on this part and The Doom, part 2. In this diorama, Gul has the scimitar that is also hanging by his hammock (#36) later.
  • The lantern thrown by Midshipman Charles Hershtik will ignite the crab rider as seen in the next part
  • Ship's Steward Zungi Sathi can be seen with a spike jutting from his back. He will die from friendly fire in Soldiers of the Sea, part 7.
  • Midshipman Thomas Lanke is knocked against the fence of a pen where A Bitter Cold, part 3 took place. This explains why the pen is broken in the real time of the narrative.


This memory is accessed via two bodies on the cargo hatch covers on the orlop deck.


Portions of the orlop deck and the gun deck from the fore mast to the main mast are accessible. The exit is by the main mast on the orlop deck.

Transcript Media:Soldiers_pt4.ogg