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Soldiers of the Sea, part 2 is the second part of chapter VI in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of topman Nicholas Botterill.

Two humanoids mounted on spider crabs board the ship. One of those crab riders stabs Botterill with its spear and he slowly bleeds to death. The seamen on the ship catch sight of the crab riders and flee.

The pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to Soldiers of the Sea, part 1.

Things of interest

Topman Nicholas Botterill speared by a crab rider.

  • The identity of Topman Nicholas Botterill can deduced as he was mentioned (by his nickname, Nick) as being done for in part 3. He is also seen among other topmen in the Under Way sketch.
  • The fate of the man in midair is shown in the first part.


This memory is accessed via a body towards the bow on the starboard side of the main deck.


Only the middle portion of the main deck is accessible. The exit is where the main mast would be.

Transcript Media:Soldiers_pt2.ogg

  • [Brennan] "Another one! Over there!"