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Soldiers of the Sea, part 1 is the first part of chapter VI in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of topman Huang Li.

The ship turns around due to the escalating number of tragedies. Topman Leonid Volkov orders his fellow topmen to work the sails because of strong wind. While Li is climbing up to the topsail, a bolt of lightning flashes and strikes him dead.

Things of interest

Topman Huang Li hit by lightning.


This memory is accessed via a body on top of the capstan on the main deck.


Only the rigging from the bow between the foremast and the main mast and the maintop are accessible. The exit is towards the foremast.

Transcript Media:Soldiers_pt1.ogg

  • [Volkov] "Main sail hauled up! Secure the braces and lower the topsail! Work fast, the wind is alive!"