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Samuel Peters was an English seaman aboard the Obra Dinn. He was crushed by a falling platform and the first to die during the final voyage of the ship in 1802.


The Obra Dinn had left London and was adding cargo in Falmouth.[1] While Peters was working on the cargo deck, the rope of a cargo winch snapped and the cargo fell on Peters, killing him.[2] Unknown to everyone, one of the barrels held a stowaway who also died in the accident.[3] Samuel's brother, Nathan, came to blame seaman Lars Linde for his death.[4]

After an insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident, the East India Company awarded Peters' estate £15 in outstanding wages.[5]


Samuel Peters' fate can be guessed at after The Doom, part 1, when Nathan accuses Linde of his brother's death, and the two are the only people in the crew manifest with the same last name. Since Nathan can be identified from the fact that his hammock (#48) is still present in The Doom, part 2, the dying crewmember in Loose Cargo, part 1 must be Samuel.


Samuel Peters only appears in one memory, Loose Cargo, part 1. He appears in the Under Way sketch with the rest of the crew because it was drawn underway from London to Falmouth before the incident.[1]


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