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Renfred Rajub was an Indian seaman on the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. He caught a fatal lung disease and died.


Rajub was responsible for manual labour aboard the Ship. He was first seen loading cargo in Falmouth and witnessed the accident in which seaman Samuel Peters was killed.[1]

When the ship had reached the coast of Portugal, Rajub and his fellow crewmate, Soloman Syed, both picked up a fatal lung disease at the lascar house in England.[2]

In the final insurance assessment, Rajub's estate was unknown so the East India Company donated his outstanding wages worth £15 to pension fund.[3]


Seaman Renfred Rajub suffering from illness in his hammock.

Rajub can be identified since he can be highlighted lying in his hammock and its tag (#51) is clearly visible in A Bitter Cold, part 1.


Rajub only appears in four dioramas. Chronologically, he first appears in Loose Cargo, part 1. He perishes in A Bitter Cold, part 2, appearing in all dioramas between the departure of the ship and his death.[4]


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