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Peter Milroy was an English midshipman aboard the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. He died when a cartridge bag exploded as he was thrashed around by the Kraken.

Story and fate

Milroy carrying cartridge bags as the ship swings to starboard.

Milroy was one of the midshipmen aboard the Obra Dinn, alongside Thomas Lanke and Charles Hershtik. He assisted higher-ranking officers and tradesmen to learn how the ship operates.

Milroy first appeared assisting the midshipmen and butcher Emil O'Farrell slaughtered a large cow for its meat. He joked about Hershtik not being on a farm before, after the latter threw up as the cow got slaughtered.[1]

Milroy was one of the few crewmen who got struck down when Second Mate Edward Nichols and his mutinous band kidnapped the Formosan passengers and stole their chest and some lifeboats.[2]

After the lifeboats returned, Milroy and the other midshipmen watched three mermaids get taken to the lazarette[3]. Later, they had to fight off some crab riders as they boarded the ship.[4]

When the Kraken attacked the ship, Milroy and Lanke got cartridge bags from the gun deck, intending to use them against the beast. As Milroy got close to a bitt on the main deck, the Kraken grabbed him and started thrashing him around. Lanke tried to pull his friend back with a rope, but the cartridge bag exploded, killing Milroy and severing one of the Kraken's tentacles.[5]

After the Kraken attack, Lanke got stabbed for overhearing a mutiny plan. As he lay dying, he asked First Mate William Hoscut to tell Milroy's mother that Lanke tried to save him.[6]

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident finds extraordinary valor in Milroy's actions. His estate is awarded £40 in outstanding wages and reward.[7]


Milroy can be identified as a midshipman based on his clothing, but his full identity is not confirmed until Escape, part 6 where Lanke mentions his nickname, Pete. Milroy is the only person with a matching first name on board.


Milroy appears in 10 memories. Chronologically, he first appears in A Bitter Cold, part 3. He is present in Soldiers of the Sea, part 7 but cannot be examined as he is so far away. Milroy perishes in an explosion in The Doom, part 6.