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Paul Moss was a Welsh sailor who served as the First Mate's steward aboard the Obra Dinn during its last voyage in 1802. He died after losing a sword fight against topman Leonid Volkov while attempting to desert the ship.

Story and fate

Moss was a sailor who served as the steward of First Mate William Hoscut. He was first seen in the galley, listening to Edward Spratt getting crushed by the Kraken as he used the ship's head in the bow.

He was also seen alongside passengers Emily Jackson and Jane Bird, watching in horror as the Kraken broke a piece of the ship's sail, which crushed Abigail Hoscut Witterel.

Moss was planning to abandon the ship with Surgeon Henry Evans, Fourth Mate's Steward Davey James, Jackson, and Bird. Before leaving, Moss, joining James and Third Mate Martin Perrott, entered the lazarette and found a shell in the hands of Fillip Dahl, who was locked up beforehand.[1] Perrott, after getting spiked, ordered them to give the sole surviving mermaid the shell, set it free, and lock the door when they leave. Moss eventually found Evans trying to enter the lazarette.[2] After telling him that the key to the lazarette had gone missing and urging him to leave, Evans resolved to put his pet monkey in the lazarette and shoot it, in order to learn the fates of Dahl and Perrott.

As the group was about to leave, topman Leonid Volkov caught sight of them and attacked, getting into a swordfight with Moss. Despite Captain Robert Witterel's intervention,[3] Volkov stabbed Moss in the chest, killing him.[4]

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident found exceptional performance of duties in Moss's actions. His estate was awarded £45 in outstanding wages and reward.[5]


First Mate's steward Paul Moss is listening in the galley as things are getting tight in the bow.

Moss can be identified in Escape, part 2, as Emily Jackson calls out his first name, warning him of the attack from Volkov. Since there is only one Paul onboard and his lines are marked with an X in the transcript, his identity is clear.


Moss is present in five dioramas. Though he was First Mate William Hoscut's steward, Moss never appears with him, being the only steward who never appears in the company of the officer he is serving.


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