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Omid Gul was a Persian topman on the Obra Dinn during its ill-fated voyage in 1802. He fell overboard while the Kraken attacked the ship.

Story and fate

Gul was the only Persian onboard the ship. He is seen with a scimitar, which he uses during the attacks of both the crab riders and the Kraken. He did not survive the Kraken attack, as he ultimately fell overboard.

Although his body is never seen, Gul can be seen falling down the rigging to his death in on the starboard side of the ship in The Doom, part 6.

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident found extraordinary valor in his actions and exceptional performance of duties. His estate was awarded £50 in outstanding wages and reward.[1]


Gul's scimitar by his hammock in The Doom, part 2.

In The Doom, part 2, a scimitar can be seen hanging by Gul's hammock (#36). Gul used the scimitar in a number of scenes in chapter VI. Additionally, Gul can be identified as early as The Doom, part 6, where he falls overboard. It can be inferred that Gul must be falling from the rigging, and is therefore a topman. Given that he is the only Persian (as made remarkable by his turban) topman on board, he can be clearly identified.


Gul appears in seven memories. Chronologically, his first appearance is in A Bitter Cold, part 1. He perishes during the events of chapter VII. He also appears in the Under Way sketch.


  1. Stated in the insurance assessment book in the epilogue if Gul's fate is deduced correctly.