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Nathan Peters was an English seaman aboard the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. He perished after his rowboat was thrown upwards by the Kraken.

Story and fate

Peters joined the crew of the Obra Dinn together with his brother Samuel. Samuel died when the rope of a cargo winch snapped and fell on him, while the ship was taking cargo in Falmouth.[1] Nathan came to blame seaman Lars Linde, who was involved in commanding the hauling, for the incident, but continued working alongside Linde anyway.

Ironically, Nathan was the one to lose his grip on the stretcher used to carry one of the mermaids, which would end up pushing seaman William Wasim into part of the ship's supports, breaking his neck,[2] despite the best efforts of seaman John Naples to arrest the falling cargo.

After fighting crab riders, Peters decided to abandon ship with fellow seaman Alexander Booth and the purser, Duncan McKay. When Linde requested to join the absconders, Peters refused and accused Linde of killing Samuel. Linde and Booth's protested that the death was accidental, but Peters clubbed Linde anyway.[3] The boat managed to leave before the body was discovered.

Peters, Booth and McKay disappeared when the kraken tossed their lifeboat into the air, drowning all three.[4]

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident finds Peters guilty of murder of a crewmate and abandonment of crew and vessel. His estate is fined £25.[5]


The dialogue in The Doom, part 1 reveals that the seaman speaking had a brother, who died a while ago. Excepting the easily identified Captain Robert Witterel, his wife Abigail Hoscut Witterel, and Abigail's brother, First Mate William Hoscut, there are only two people with the same surname aboard, namely Nathan and Samuel Peters. In The Doom, part 2, a hammock can be seen with Nathan Peters' roster number 48 on its tag. This implies that Nathan Peters is the brother still alive at this point and he can be identified using this information.


Nathan Peters appears in a large number of memories. Chronologically, his first appearance is in Loose Cargo, part 1, witnessing the death of his brother. His first appearance in the narrative is in The Doom, part 7, although the first time he can be highlighted is in The Doom, part 1. He appears in the Under Way sketch.


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