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Murder, part 1 is the first part of chapter III in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of passenger Nunzio Pasqua.

As the ship passes by the Canary Islands, Edward Nichols, the morally bankrupt Second Mate, slips into the cargo hold. He knocks out passenger Hok-Seng Lau, a Formosan guard responsible for an elaborate Formosan chest. As Nichols is about to take a shell inside the chest, Pasqua wanders into the cargo hold and unwittingly catches him in the act. His theft thwarted, Nichols kills Pasqua to cover up his crimes and frames Lau for the murder.

In Murder, part 2, Lau is executed for the murder Nichols committed.

Things of interest

Second Mate Edward Nichols (left) stabs passenger Nunzio Pasqua.

  • The identity of passenger Nunzio Pasqua can be deduced as he uses the Italian word signor and is the only person of Italian origin on board. His fate and killer are also revealed in this memory.
  • The identity of Second Mate Edward Nichols can be deduced since Pasqua calls him by his last name and he is the only Nichols on board.
  • In update 1.0.91, the Formosan chest seen in the passengers' store has the bottom drawer open, revealing the shell inside. In previous versions, the drawer was closed.


2 others were present.


This memory is accessed via a body on the starboard side of the main deck next to passenger Hok-Seng Lau's body and where the inspector boarded the Obra Dinn.


Most of the cargo hold is accessible. The exit is by the main mast on the starboard side.

Transcript Media:Murder_pt1.ogg

  • [Pasqua] X "Hello? Who is there? Who is that? Is someone hurt?"
  • [Pasqua] X "Signor Nichols, is that you? What are you doing down here?"
  • [Nichols] "Hello, yes! All fine here. Just, ah, sorting some things. Watch your step. Here, let me help you."