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Martin Perrott was an English officer who served as third mate to Captain Robert Witterel, during the Obra Dinn's ill-fated voyage in 1802. He died in Chapter 8, getting spiked in the chest by a mermaid while attempting to set it free from the lazarette.

Story and fate

Perrot was third mate onboard the Obra Dinn and was assisted by Roderick Andersen, his steward. He was first seen talking to the surgeon, Dr. Henry Evans, talking about a non-communicable lung disease that claimed the lives of Soloman Syed and Renfred Rajub.

He was also seen watching the execution of Hok-Seng Lau, a Formosan guard found guilty of a crime he did not commit.

He was very active throughout the voyage. He was first seen ordering the crewmen to retrieve the mermaids and the Formosan chest after Second Mate Edward Nichols's mutinous expedition ended disastrously.

Perrott also helped the crewmen fight the Kraken. This fight cost him the life of Andersen, who was crushed by a loose cannon barrel.

He also ordered Abigail Hoscut Witterel, the wife of Captain Robert Witterel, to step inside when she steps out to look for her husband. When she insisted, Perrott told Hoscut Witterel that the Captain is below deck. Before she could step inside, the Kraken broke a piece of a mast, which fell and crushed her.

He was last seen joined by stewards Paul Moss and Davey James. The trio stepped into the lazarette, intending to set the surviving mermaid free. Unfortunately, the moment Perrott opened the cage, the mermaid inside spiked Perrott before he could reassure it. Mortally wounded, Perrott ordered the stewards to give the mermaid a shell that was in the hands of Captain's Steward Fillip Dahl. He then ordered the stewards to throw the mermaid off the ship and lock the door to the lazarette as they leave. He also asks the mermaid to see the Obra Dinn home.

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident found extraordinary valor and exceptional performance of duties in Perrot's actions. His estate was awarded £90 in outstanding wages and reward, the highest amount of all the rewarded crewmen.[1]


Perrott can be identified in The Doom, part 8, when Abigail Hoscut Witterel addresses him by his first name. As there is no other Martin on board, this makes his identity clear. His fate, however, can only be solved if the chapter Bargain is unlocked.


Martin appears in 10 memories (9 when the inspector leaves the Obra Dinn as his fate is solved in chapter VIII, Bargain, during the epilogue).

Perrott's corpse is not present in the 3D model used for the real time of the narrative. If the lazarette is accessed using the game's debug menu, no bodies are present, though the Formosan chest is (without its liquid contents).


  1. Stated in the insurance assessment book in the epilogue although Perrott's fate is unknown to the inspector at this point.