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Maba was a New Guinean topman serving on the Obra Dinn during her final voyage in 1802. He died when the Kraken tore him apart as it attacked the ship.


Maba among other topmen in Soldiers of the Sea, part 1.

Maba was one of the 10 topmen aboard the Obra Dinn and the only person of New Guinean origin. His tattoos make him stand out.

During the attack of soldiers of the sea, Maba is seen on the main mast in the first part, and then in the cargo hold in the last part.

In The Doom, part 1, Maba's hammock occupied a spot near the bow on the port side, and he helped with cannons before ascending to the main deck.[1] Maba stabbed the attacking Kraken with his sword[2] before the beast tore him into two. A fellow topman, Lewis Walker, then moved his torso to the location where the inspector may find it in real time.[3]

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident praised Maba for extraordinary valor and exceptional performance of duties. His estate was unknown so £45 worth of outstanding wages and reward were donated to pension fund.[4]


Maba's face becomes unblurred in the catalogue after he is first seen in The Doom, part 7, meaning that the game assumes that the player should be able to figure out his identity based on his tattoos combined with his New Guinean origin. His role as a topman is confirmed in Soldiers of the Sea, part 1 when he is seen on the yard of the main-mast with other topmen.


Chronologically, he first appears in A Bitter Cold, part 1 but there is no way to pinpoint his exact location in the diorama as there are no visible tags that match his hammock number (43).


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