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Loose Cargo, part 2 is the second part of Chapter I in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It takes place at the same time as Loose Cargo, part 1 and reveals the fate of an unfortunate stowaway.

While the ship is adding cargo in a Falmouth port, the presumed first stop after setting sail in London, a rope holding some cargo snaps and the pallet falls on seaman Samuel Peters. Unknown to the crew, the stowaway is hiding in one of the barrels and dies when the barrel falls over. The stowaway went completely unnoticed during the voyage, as their body remains in the barrel, which has been loaded into the bosun's store.

Things of interest

  • The audio of this memory comes from within the barrel, where you can hear the heavy breathing of the stowaway and the muffled lines from Loose Cargo, part 1.
  • The transcript shows that the words "Hoist away!" are being said, even though it is the same line in part one "Make way, coming through."


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This memory is accessed via a cracked barrel inside the bosun's store on the cargo deck.


The cargo deck, except a small portion towards the stern.

Transcript Media:Cargo_pt2.ogg

  • [Miner] "Hoist away! Lower away!"