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Loose Cargo, part 1 is the first part of chapter I in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of seaman Samuel Peters, brother of seaman Nathan Peters.

The ship is receiving cargo in a Falmouth port after setting sail in London,[1] under the supervision of Bosun's Mate Charles Miner and seaman Lars Linde. The rope carrying the cargo snaps and the pallet crushes Samuel.

Nathan Peters later comes to blame and kill Linde for the incident.

Things of interest

  • Seaman Lars Linde can be seen on the orlop deck.
    • In the memory, he is the only character other than seaman Henry Brennan outside of the cargo hold who can be examined. Other characters on upper deck are visible, so his presence alone cannot be used to identify Linde.


12 others were present.


This memory is first accessed via the body of a stowaway in Loose Cargo, part 2, and is brought to the present on the cargo hold, around the middle of the deck.


The cargo hold, except a small portion towards the stern. The exit is on the port side towards the bow.

Transcript Media:Cargo_pt1.ogg

  • [O'Hagan?] "Orlop stern, 'neath the tiller."
  • [Linde] "Oy! Wait! Wait! No! Down below!"


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