Lewis Walker was an English topman aboard the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. He was killed in his attempted mutiny by Captain Robert Witterel.

Story and fate

Walker was a topman and was responsible for manning the ship's rigging.

After surviving both attacks on the ship, he joined Captain Robert Witterel, First Mate William Hoscut, and seaman Henry Brennan in intervening when topman Leonid Volkov attempted to prevent surgeon Henry Evans and his crew from abandoning the ship.[1] Later, Walker tossed Volkov's body overboard.[2]

When only four people remained on onboard, Walker joined Hoscut and Brennan in an attempted mutiny to extort shells from the Captain Witterel. As Hoscut and Brennan attacked from the front, Walker made for the poop deck[3] and climbed down to the Captain's Cabin to attack him from the back.[4] He managed to stab Witterel in the side, but Witterel clubbed him in retaliation.[5]

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident found Walker guilty of attempted mutiny. His estate was fined £25.[6]


Walker is identified by elimination: he can only be identified for certain after all other topmen have already been identified. However, he can be guessed sooner by assuming from his appearance that he is white and British; he is the only remaining British topman after Timothy Butement and Nicholas Botterill are identified, and the only remaining white topman after they and Leonid Volkov are identified.

Walker can be seen on the main mast among the other topmen in Soldiers of the Sea, part 1, thereby identifying his role on board. Additionally, he can be seen climbing around the ship in a number of dioramas, again hinting at his position.

Walker's hammock, number 44, is the only one that had not been taken down by the time the Obra Dinn returned to Falmouth. This alludes to him being the last topman on the ship to die.


Topman Lewis Walker rushing down the stairs in Escape, part 6.

Walker appears in 14 dioramas, but mostly in the background. His body is among those that remain on the ship when she drifts back into board.


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