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Lars Linde was a Danish seaman aboard the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. He was clubbed by seaman Nathan Peters while attempting to board a rowboat as Peters exacted revenge for Linde's supposed guilt of killing seaman Samuel Peters.


Being a seaman, Linde appeared in the background of a number of scenes depicting everyday life. Linde was involved in the cargo hauling maneuver that led to the death of Samuel Peters.[1] As Linde was commanding the maneuver, Samuel's brother Nathan would later blame Linde for Samuel's death.

During the attack of the crab riders, Linde can be seen fighting the beasts, calling them demons in Danish.

Later, Linde attempted to join seamen Nathan Peters and Alexander Booth, and purser Duncan McKay when they attempted to abandon ship after the attack. Nathan refused, holding Linde responsible for Samuel's death. Linde and Booth protested, saying that the death was accidental, but Nathan clubbed Linde anyway.[2] His body was found by Fourth Mate John Davies, his steward Davey James, and topman Omid Gul.[3]

In the insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident, the East India Company awarded Linde's estate £15 in outstanding wages.[4]


When Linde asks to come in the boat in The Doom, part 1, Peters refuses, calling him a "bloody Dane". Since Linde is the only Danish crew member on board, this allows for clear identification.


Linde appears in 12 memories. His chronological first appearance is in Loose Cargo, part 1. Linde is first introduced to the player during his death in The Doom, part 1. He is also present in the Justice at Sea sketch.


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