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John Davies was an English officer who served as the Obra Dinn's Fourth Mate during her last voyage in 1802. He died when seaman Henry Brennan clubbed him.

Story and fate

Davies was the Fourth Mate of the Obra Dinn and was assisted by his steward, Davey James. He was first seen at the execution of passenger Hok-Seng Lau alongside James, and could be seen shushing the protesting Formosans.[1]

Surviving the attacks of the crab riders and the Kraken, Davies helped the wounded Bosun Alfred Klestil below deck. He informed Klestil that his "Frenchman", Bosun's mate Charles Miner, was torn apart and the Kraken left with the storm.[2]

After Davies' brief conversation with Klestil, Gunner's Mate Olus Wiater broached the subject of mutiny with him, planning to take over the ship and sell the mermaids and shells. Midshipman Thomas Lanke overheard their plans and called out to warn the rest of the crew. Wiater stabbed Lanke for his trouble, but Davies intervened, wrestling Wiater for his gun. It eventually went off on Wiater's face, killing him.[3] The resulting fracas caught the attention of First Mate William Hoscut and seaman Henry Brennan. Hoscut ran to Lanke's aid and Brennan, thinking that Davies deliberately killed Wiater, clubbed him.[4]

The East India Company insurance assessment finds Davies guilty of murder of one crewmate. His estate was fined £15.[5]


The game allows John Davies to be identified after The Calling, part 6 where he can be seen looking out of the window of his cabin. However, since the other mates can be identified earlier (their identities are made clear in The End, part 4; The Doom, part 8; and Murder, part 1, respectively), he can at this point be identified as the last person in the Justice at Sea sketch to wear a high-ranking officer's uniform.


Chronologically, his first appearance is in Murder, part 2, but during gameplay, he first appears fighting the Kraken in The Doom, part 7. His second appearance is during The Calling, part 6, when he witnesses passenger Chioh Tan shoot Second Mate Edward Nichols from the window of his cabin. In chapter 6, he mostly stays out of the fight, as he appears to be protecting his steward Davey James. He and James find the corpse of Lars Linde in The Doom, part 2 and Davies can be seen fighting the Kraken in chapter 7 before meeting his end in Escape, part 5.


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