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James Wallace was an English surgeon who assisted Henry Evans aboard the Obra Dinn, during her final voyage in 1802. He was decapitated by the pincers of a giant crab.

Story and fate

Wallace was the assistant of surgeon Henry Evans and was responsible in assisting him in providing medical needs to the crewmen.

He, alongside topman Jie Zhang, was clawed to death by a giant crab when the crab-riders attacked the Obra Dinn.

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident finds extraordinary valor in Wallace's actions. His estate is awarded £50 in outstanding wages and reward.[1]


Wallace is seen looking after the wounded together with Surgeon Henry Evans,[2] but the two cannot be separated until after A Bitter Cold, part 2, where they can both be seen in the surgery, but Evans is speaking to Third Mate Martin Perrott, while Wallace lounges in the background. Additionally, in A Bitter Cold, part 3, Evans gives orders to William Wasim and Abraham Akbar, while Wallace is making the bed in the surgery. He can also be definitively distinguished once it is known he is dead, since the preface of the book confirms Henry Evans is alive.


Wallace mostly appears together with the Surgeon, Henry Evans, whenever someone has gotten wounded. Chronologically, he first appears in A Bitter Cold, part 2. In the narrative, his first appearance is in the diorama where he dies.


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