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It-Beng Sia was a Formosan passenger aboard the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. He died upon placing a shell into the Formosan chest, burning his right arm off in the process.

Story and Fate

Sia was one of the passengers transporting a chest containing a mysterious shell. After Second Mate Edward Nichols attempted in vain to steal the chest,[1] Sia and passenger Bun-Lan Lim were kidnapped by Nichols and his party as they abandoned ship in the boats, taking the chest with them.

Sia and Lim were aware that they were likely going to be attacked.[2] Topman Li Hong had barely finished translating their conversation to his fellow absconders when he was hit with a spear by a mermaid. Sia, who lay tied up in the same boat just behind Li Hong, used the spear's tip to cut the rope tying his arms.[3] He then used a knife lying in the boat to kill Second Mate's Steward Samuel Galligan, by then the only person between Sia and the chest.[4] He took the shell from the bottom drawer of the chest and submerged it in quicksilver-like substance in the top compartment[5], causing a beam of intense energy to be emitted from it, stunning the attacking mermaids.

Sia's goal was to save Lim's life, but a mermaid clawed her to death before he was able to reach the chest.[6] He then expired after activating the energy beam, which burned his right hand clean off.[7] His corpse was left on board the boat and returned to the Obra Dinn.[8]

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident found Sia guilty of killing of a crewmate. His estate was unknown but £25 were claimed in expenses.[9]

Sia places a shell into the chest on a lifeboat in The Calling, part 4.


Sia comforts passenger Bun-Lan Lim in Murder, part 2.

Sia is addressed by name 明叔, [uncle] Beng by Bun-Lan Lim in The Calling, part 2.


Sia is first introduced to the player in Murder, part 3, where he and Lim are kidnapped by Nichols and his party. Chronologically, his first appearance is in A Bitter Cold, part 2, where he can be seen standing in front of the passengers' compartment on the gun deck with Chioh Tan. He appears in the Justice at Sea sketch (but cannot be highlighted there) as well as in the Formosan Royalty sketch.


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