Hamadou Diom was a Sierra Leonean seaman on the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. He was spiked through passenger Chioh Tan by a suspended mermaid being taken aboard.


Being a seaman, Hamadou Diom can mostly be seen among the other seamen, doing general labor. Diom was holding passenger Chioh Tan still for questioning when a spike shot by a siren penetrated Tan and also hit Diom, killing him.

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident praised Diom for exceptional performance of duties. His estate was unknown so £25 worth of outstanding wages and reward were donated to pension fund.[1]


Diom can be identified after identifying almost all other seamen. When only seaman Alexander Booth and Diom are remaining, the two can be told apart by Booth's English accent in The Doom, part 1. Diom's hammock (#55) is not present in The Doom, part 2, implying that he perished before that.

He looks dark-skinned in the dioramas compared to many other sailors but this is not obvious in the Under Way sketch. If relying on skin tone-based deduction, the inspector has to rule out seaman Alexander Booth and carpenter Winston Smith as other options in order to determine that he is the sole African on board.

Diom wears an earring in his right ear. Earrings were not common among European sailors in the 19th century, but body piercing is tradition in some African cultures. This hints to Diom being from an African country.


Diom only appears in four dioramas. Chronologically, he first appears in Loose Cargo, part 1. He perishes in Unholy Captives, part 1.


  1. Stated in the insurance assessment book in the epilogue if Diom's fate is deduced correctly.
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