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Finley Dalton was the helmsman of the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. He disappeared after a kraken grabbed him as it attacked the ship.


Dalton is in bad shape in both memories he appears in.

Very little information is given about Dalton, but he is one of the three characters that can be identified right away in the first memory the game presents (alongside the captain and the artist). He served as a helmsman and witnessed the execution of passenger Hok-Seng Lau.[1] He was speared in the leg by someone from Edward Nichols' group as they were commandeering two lifeboats with Formosan hostages.[2]

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident awards his estate £30 in outstanding wages.[3]


Dalton and the captain are the first two people whose faces become unblurred, meaning that the inspector has enough information to identify them. This is because Dalton is seen holding the wheel in the Justice at Sea sketch and the crew manifest only lists one helmsman.


Dalton only appears in two memories. Chronologically, he first appears in Murder, part 3. He disappears during the events of chapter VII, The Doom after a kraken grabbed him in The Doom, part 8.


  1. Dalton is seen in the Justice at Sea sketch about the event.
  2. In Murder, part 3.
  3. Stated in the insurance assessment book in the epilogue if Dalton's fate is deduced correctly.