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Fillip Dahl was a Swedish sailor who served as the steward of Captain Robert Witterel aboard the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. Dahl died after reaching his arm into the Formosan chest in the lazarette, where he had been locked up after he had killed seaman John Naples.[1]


Dahl was Captain Witterel's steward for twenty years.[1]

He witnessed three mermaids being brought to the ship.[2] He was convinced that they carry a curse and cut off the leg of seaman John Naples,[1] perhaps in an attempt to free the mermaids or to dissuade the crew from carrying them on board. Captain Witterel, astonished that his long-term steward would act out, ordered Dahl to be locked into the lazarette along with the mermaids.

Inside the lazarette, Dahl broke free and opened the chest. He saw what he thought was quicksilver. He reached into the chest and grabbed the shell, his arm was incinerated in the process and he died.[3]

In the final insurance assessment, the East India Company concluded that Dahl had failed to perform his duties and killed a fellow crewman. His estate was fined £35.[4]


Dahl can be identified when the captain refers to him as being "20 years my steward – – " in Unholy Captives, part 4. In the same part, Dahl, being the only Swede, speaks Swedish.

His fate is not revealed until after the inspector has left the Obra Dinn and gets to witness the events of Bargain, part 1. Dahl is the last person in the game whose fate the inspector can figure out.


Dahl appears in only four dioramas. Chronologically, he first appears in The Calling, part 6 but cannot be highlighted in that diorama. He perishes in Bargain, part 1. Dahl appears in the Under Way sketch.

Dahl's corpse is not present in the 3D model used for the real time of the narrative. If the lazarette is accessed using the game's debug menu, no bodies are present, though the Formosan chest is (without its liquid contents).


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