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Escape, part 6 is the last part of chapter IX in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of midshipman Thomas Lanke.

Hoscut goes to the midshipmen's cabin to find a fatally wounded Lanke begging him to not leave him. When Hoscut stays by the dying Lanke's side, Lanke asks Hoscut to tell Milroy's mother that he did his best to save his life. Hoscut then tells Brennan to find the surgeon's kit, but Lanke has bled to death.

When playing a new game, the pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to Escape, part 5.

Things of interest

Midshipman Thomas Lanke (right) dying with first mate William Hoscut by his side.

  • Seaman Henry Brennan can be identified as First Mate William Hoscut calls him by his last name, and there is only one Brennan listed in the crew manifest.
    • Although topman Lewis Walker is also present in the diorama, Brennan is cupping his ear as a reaction to the first mate's call.
  • Midshipman Peter Milroy can be identified based on this part and The Doom, part 6. Before dying, Lanke asks the first mate to tell "Pete's mother" how he tried to pull Milroy to safety. Milroy is the only Peter on board and they are both midshipmen seen together in The Doom, part 5.
    • When playing a new game, mishipman Lanke cannot be identified yet as there are still two possibilities (Lanke and Charles Hershtik).


This memory is accessed via a skeleton in the midshipmen's cabin on the gun deck. There are blood stains and a knife on the floor in front of the door.


Only middle portion of the gun deck from the mizzen-mast to the main-mast is accessible. Access to the main deck is blocked by Walker coming down the stairs. The exit is by the mizzen-mast.

Transcript Media:Escape_pt6.ogg

In the transcript in the game, Hoscut's line "Aye" does not appear.

  • [Hoscut] "Och no! You're cut!"
  • [Lanke] X "Don't... leave me."
  • [Hoscut] "Bear up, son. I'll stay with you."
  • [Lanke] X "Tell Pete's mother, I... I tried my best."
  • [Hoscut] "Aye."
  • [Lanke] X " pull him back... to save him."
  • [Hoscut] "You tell her yourself. Brennan! Bring the surgeon's kit!"