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Escape, part 4 is the fourth part of chapter IX in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of Gunner's Mate Olus Wiater.

After the death of Bosun Alfred Klestil, Wiater announces that Captain Witterel cannot be trusted. He broaches the subject of mutiny with Davies, telling him that he plans to take over the ship and sail east to sell shells and the "wretched fish" (referring to mermaids in the lazarette). Meanwhile, Midshipman Thomas Lanke, who has overheard the conversation, panics, shouting "Mutiny!" at the top of his lungs. Wiater stabs Lanke in the back for his trouble, but Davies intervenes and wrestles Wiater for his gun. During the scuffle, the gun blows off Wiater's face. Meanwhile, the wounded Lanke crawls to the midshipmen cabin.

On the poop deck, the last lifeboat has left. Captain Witterel leans against the railing in exhaustion as topman Lewis Walker pushes the body of topman Leonid Volkov overboard. First Mate William Hoscut and seaman Henry Brennan are on the main deck listening to the ensuing fracas in the gun deck.

When playing a new game, the pocketwatch starts shaking after viewing this diorama, allowing access to Escape, part 3.

Things of interest

Gunner's mate Olus Wiater gets his head blown off.

  • Wiater may be identified here, as he speaks with a pronounced Slavic accent and there are no other officers with Slavic backgrounds.
  • Midshipman Thomas Lanke gets stabbed between this and the previous diorama.
  • This scene occurs concurrently with the two previous scenes. Leonid Volkov's shout can be heard in the background as he attacks Emily Jackson.


This memory is accessed via a body in a pool of blood near the mizzen-mast on the gun deck.


Portions of the gun deck and the main deck from the main-mast almost to the stern are accessible. The exit is by the main-mast.

Transcript Media:Escape_pt4.ogg

  • [Wiater] X "Enough! Captain cannot be trusted."
  • [Wiater] X "Yes, we take ship and sail east. Trade wretched fish and shells for gold. Huh? Who's there?"
  • [Lanke] "Mutiny! Mutiny!"
  • [Wiater] X "Fresh bastard!"
  • [Davies] "No!"