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Escape, part 1 is the first part of chapter IX in the plot of Return of the Obra Dinn. It reveals the fate of bosun Alfred Klestil.

After a fight with the Kraken has cost him his arm, Klestil is taken downstairs to a chair in the gun deck. When he asks about the whereabouts of his "Frenchman", Charles Miner, Fourth Mate John Davies tells him that Miner was torn apart. Davies adds that the Kraken went away with the storm because Captain Witterel chased it off. Klestil, dying of blood loss, rasps, "A curse like that does not lift for nothing".

After viewing this diorama in a new game, the player can access the first mate's cabin and thus Murder, part 3.

Things of interest

Bosun Alfred Klestil dies of his wounds.

  • The identity of Alfred Klestil as the bosun can be deduced as he says that his mate is a Frenchman, and the only person on board from France is the bosun's mate Charles Miner.
    • Klestil and Miner's final moments are shown in The Doom, part 8.
    • Klestil's identity can also be inferred from his use of the word "Verdammt" (damn it), identifying his German-speaking background. The only people in the crew manifest with such a background are Klestil and Gunner Christian Wolff, both from Austria. Wolff is clearly identified later, in Murder, part 2.
  • If one has not yet identified topman Maba, it is possible to confuse him with Charles Miner based on what Fourth Mate Davies says in this part. Maba has a specific death scene (The Doom, part 7) where he is torn apart, but Miner dies off-screen.


This memory is accessed via a body on a chair in back galley of the gun deck.


Only aft portion of the gun deck from the stern to the main-mast are accessible. For some reason, access to the head in the cabin where the bosun dies is blocked in the diorama. Access to the main deck is blocked by Witterel walking up the stairs and access to the Orlop deck by Lanke coming up. The exit is by the bosunmate's cabin.

Transcript Media:Escape_pt1.ogg

  • [Klestil] X "Put me down! Let go!"
  • [Davies] "Easy now, you're in a bad way."
  • [Klestil] X "The squid! Where is my Frenchman?"
  • [Davies] "The squid's gone. Your mate was torn apart."
  • [Klestil] X "Verdammt! The beast is dead? How? How did you kill it?"
  • [Davies] "We didn't. It left with the storm. Captain came up from the hold. Said he chased it off. You should rest."
  • [Klestil] X "A curse like that... ...does not lift for nothing."