The Obra Dinn insurance assessment in the first part of the epilogue.

The epilogue of Return of the Obra Dinn is a sequence that takes place once the investigation aboard the Obra Dinn is completed and the inspector has left the ship. The game itself does not use a name for the end sequence.


The inspector leaves the Obra Dinn with a boatman after concluding their investigation. One week later, the inspector has finished their insurance assessment and skims through it before certifying all statements as accurate and declares the Obra Dinn matter closed in its entirety by signing on the last page. The report contains correctly deduced fates and a list of actions the East India Company took regarding the deceased crew members and their estates. After that, the inspector mails the catalogue back to surgeon Henry Evans, who originally sent it to the East India Company. The game informs that the inspector is keeping the pocketwatch.

Parcel containing a letter and the Obra Dinn catalogue – and a hand of a dead monkey.

The narrative then jumps forward one year. The game changes back to first-person view as the inspector is at home in the evening. A maid receives a letter and possibly a package and delivers them to the inspector. The contents of the delivery change depending on how many fates the inspector deduced correctly. It always contains a letter from Jane Bird with a varying wording. If all 58 solvable fates were deduced, the package contains the hand of Henry Evans' pet monkey. The inspector will use the pocketwatch on the hand, triggering Chapter VIII, Bargain. If fewer than 58 fates were solved, the game just ends. In either case, the inspector gets up, places the Obra Dinn catalogue in their bookshelf, and end credits start to roll.

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