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Edward Spratt was an English artist who was aboard the Obra Dinn during her final voyage in 1802. He was strangled by the Kraken as he was using the ship's head at the bow.


Spratt seems to have mainly used his time aboard the Obra Dinn to document life on the ship in his sketches. He was running towards the scene of the accident with a sketchbook but Gunner's Mate Olus Wiater stopped him from entering the crime scene in the cargo hold.[1] Three of his drawings eventually made it into the book about the Obra Dinn.

He was the first victim of the Kraken, crushed by its tentacles while relieving himself.

After an insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident, the East India Company awarded Spratt's estate £50 in outstanding wages.[2]


Of Spratt's work, three sketches are known to survive, all from his last voyage aboard the Obra Dinn. All three found themselves in the possession of ship's surgeon Henry Evans who passed them on to the East India Company in the aforementioned book. These drawings are:


Spratt drawing Justice at Sea in Murder, part 2.

Though he never appears in any of his drawings, Spratt can be identified from the very beginning by his initials E.S. at the lower left corner of the Justice at Sea drawing. Only Spratt has these initials, and the book automatically pins the initials to Spratt's face.


Spratt appears in five memories. He first appears to the player in his death scene, The Doom, part 2. His chronological first appearance is during Murder, part 2, where he draws the execution. He is the only character to never appear in the sketch. His remains are still on the Obra Dinn when she drifts into Falmouth; the other crewmen never found them.


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