Edward Nichols was an English officer who served as the second mate of the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. He was shot by Chioh Tan upon returning to the Obra Dinn, after surviving most of the events of chapter IV, The Calling.


After a thwarted attempt to steal the Formosan chest, Nichols killed Nunzio Pasqua, who walked in on the scene. With the help of possible mistranslations of Li Hong,[speculation] he framed Hok-Seng Lau, whom Nichols knocked out earlier, as the murderer. As per Captain Witterel's orders, Hok-Seng Lau was executed by a firing squad.[1]

Nichols formed a mutinous group with Samuel Galligan, his steward; seamen Aleksei Toporov, Patrick O'Hagan, and Alarcus Nikishin; and topman Li Hong. They kidnapped the Formosan royals, It-Beng Sia and Bun-Lan Lim, and stole the chest. Timothy Butement confronted the group, but Nichols quickly shot him down, though some some others who attempted to stop them were simply incapacitated.

During the expedition, the group was ambushed by mermaids. The mermaids killed everyone except Nichols, who hid between the boat's seats; and It-Beng Sia, who opened the chest and unleashed columns of energy that stunned the mermaids, but died in the process. Nichols was shot by the sole surviving Formosan, Chioh Tan, upon returning to the ship.

The East India Company insurance assessment on the Obra Dinn incident finds Nichols guilty of murder of 2 crewmates, attempted mutiny, and theft of cargo. His estate is fined £100, the highest of all fines of the crew.


Nichols can be identified during Murder, part 1 as Nunzio Pasqua calls him "Signor Nichols" (Italian for Mr. Nichols).

Nichols can also be identified during The Calling, part 3 as Samuel Galligan calls out to him by last name, desperately asking for him to help fend off the mermaids.


Nichols appears in nine dioramas. Chronologically, he first appears in Murder, part 1. He perishes in The Calling, part 6.

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