Helmsman Finley Dalton is one of the characters whose death is not directly shown.

Some of the crewmembers in Return of the Obra Dinn disappear between dioramas rather than have a dedicated death scene. This page lists disappearances by chapter.

In addition to the characters below, the body of seaman George Shirley is not seen in the game as a cannon blasts him off the ship in The Doom, part 4. He is not listed as having disappeared, though.

Chapter IV, The Calling

Mermaids pull both victims into the ocean where they presumably drown. Thus, their bodies are not accessible to the inspector and they have no dedicated dioramas.

Chapter VII, The Doom

Purser McKay and seamen Booth and Peters falling into the ocean in The Doom, part 7.

These three men take a lifeboat in The Doom, part 1, and the Kraken throws their boat in the air in The Doom, part 7. Their bodies cannot be accessed but the inspector can assume that they drowned during the battle.

The Kraken grabs the following crewmembers, and this is either shown directly or happens off screen, as they are seen near tentacles but not seen ever again.

Chapter IX, Escape

Four characters leave the ship on a lifeboat and end up in Africa. They are still alive in Morocco by the time the game starts. Their departure, which gives the chapter its name, is seen in Escape, part 2 and Escape, part 3.

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