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Davey James was an English sailor who served as the Fourth Mate's steward aboard the Obra Dinn during her final voyage in 1802. He was one of the survivors living in Morocco.

Story and fate

James was first seen at the execution of the Formosan guard Hok-Seng Lau, covering his ears and looking away.[1] As steward of Fourth Mate John Davies, James could be seen assisting him. James and Davies were rarely seen apart, and Davies even protected his steward from a crab rider as it invaded the gun deck.[2] It appears that James is relatively young, as First Mate's steward Paul Moss addresses him as boy.[3]

After surviving attacks from the crab riders and the Kraken, James abandoned the ship in a lifeboat with surgeon Henry Evans and passengers Emily Jackson and Jane Bird.[4] The boat made it to Morocco, where the survivors lived four years later.

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident finds demerit in James's actions, citing abandonment of crew and vessel. However, no claim of his estate is made.


James is unblurred after The Calling, part 6, at the same time as Fourth Mate John Davies. From the identification of Davies as the Fourth Mate, it is easy to identify James as his steward, as they are often seen together. James can be seen standing next to Third Mate's Steward Roderick Andersen. As James and Andersen wear the same clothes, this further suggests that James is a steward.[5]