The Crew Muster Roll book

The Crew Muster Roll book is an item that could be found in a bookshelf in the captains quarters in two released demo builds of Return of the Obra Dinn. Its contents vary between the demo builds, and it does not appear in the release version at all.

The book lists the name, quality, and birthplace of all the crew that was on the ship before their disappearance (e.g. Robert Witterel, Captain, Cornwall), similar to the catalogue in the release version.

Characters listed in 0.1.23

0.1.23 is the last demo build released before the actual release version. It was shown in Game Developers Conference in 2016 and released to public on April 11, 2016.[1] It can be downloaded here.

Name Quality Place of birth In the release version
Robert Witterel Captain Cornwall Origin is just England.
William Hoscut First Mate Scotland
Edward Nicholson Second Mate England Appears as Edward Nichols.
Martin Perrott Third Mate Scotland Origin is England.
John Davies Fourth Mate England
Alfred H. Wilson Bosun Austria Appears as Alfred Klestil.
Charles Miner Bosun Mate France
Henry Evans Surgeon England
James Wallace Surgeon Mate England
Thomas Theodore Carpenter United States Does not appear. Winston Smith fills the same role.
Edward Gibbs Carpenter Mate United States Appears as Marcus Gibbs.
Thomas Sefton Cook England
William M. Johns Butcher Ireland Does not appear. Emil O'Farrell fills the same role.
Christian Hindt Gunner Germany Appears as Christian Wolff from Austria.
Samuel Bengsen Gunner's Mate Poland Does not appear. Olus Wiater fills the same role.
William S. Best Purser Scotland Does not appear. Duncan McKay fills the same role.
John A. Hunkin Passenger England Does not appear.
Abigail Hoscut Witterel Passenger Scotland
William Harrington Passenger England Does not appear.
Emily Jackson Passenger England
Jane Sherrin Passenger England Appears as Jane Bird.
Joseph Ramsay Passenger England Does not appear.
Frank Furlong Passenger Norway Does not appear.
John Johnson Passenger Germany Does not appear.
Zungi Sathi Ship Steward India
Emil Tudor Steward (Captain) England Does not appear. Fillip Dahl from Sweden fills the same role.
P. Martin Steward (1st mate) Wales Does not appear. Paul Moss fills the same role.
Olus T. Gilligan Steward (2nd mate) Wales Does not appear. Samuel Galligan from Ireland fills the same role.
Roderick Andersen Steward (3rd mate) England
James Davey Steward (4th mate) England Appears as Davey James.
Peter Milroy Midshipman England
Thomas Kanke Midshipman England Appears as Thomas Lanke.
Thomas Dalton Midshipman England Does not appear.
Timothy Hill Top Man Scotland Does not appear.
John Matson Top Man Wales Does not appear.
Raymond Curtis Top Man S. America Does not appear.
J.B. Strandberg Top Man Sweden Does not appear.
Lewis Walker Top Man England
Li Hong Top Man China
Maba Top Man New Guinea
Omid Gul Top Man Persia
Nicholas Botterill Top Man England
Evan Roath Top Man England Does not appear.
August Sweet Seaman Sweden Does not appear.
Stephen Seost Seaman Scotland Does not appear.
Augustus Frances Seaman Sweden Does not appear.
Lawrence Brennan Seaman Scotland Does not appear.
Peder Wotton Seaman Madeira Does not appear.
John Naples Seaman Wales
Louis Kingdon Seaman England Does not appear.
Henry Brennan Seaman England
George Peters Seaman England The release version has brothers Samuel Peters and Nathan Peters.
Henry Peters Seaman England
Alfred MacDonald Seaman England Does not appear.
Charles Brereton Seaman Ireland Does not appear.
Sidney Hughes Seaman Scotland Does not appear.
James Treharne Seaman France Does not appear.
Evan Rollinson Seaman England Does not appear.
Arthur Kerun Seaman France Does not appear.

Characters listed in 0.0.4

0.0.4 was the first playable demo build released on October 21, 2014.[2]

Name Quality Place of birth
Robert Witterel Captain Cornwall
William Hoscut First Mate Coullen Scotland
Evan Roath A.B. Liverpool England
Henry Brennan Able Seaman Fleetwood England
August Sweet O.S. Gorland Sweden
Nicholas Botterill Able Seaman Yarmouth
Emil Tudor Seaman Lowestopt England
P. Martin Stewardess Newport Wales
Olus T. Gilligan A.B. Abergwuan Wales
Stephen Seost Spare Hand Dundee Scotland
Abigail Hoscut Witterel Passenger Coullen Scotland
August Frances A.B. Westraink Sweden
Christian Hindt A.B. Kinigsberg
Edward Daniel Nicholson Sailmaker Chester England
Lawrence Brennan Able Seaman Fife Scotland
John Davies Alfred Weymouth England
Peder Wotton A.B. Madeira
John Naples Able Seaman Wales
A.G. Strawbridge A.B. Prussia
Louis Kingdon A.B. Dalton in Furness
William S. Best A.B. Kirkwall Scotland
John Matson O.S. Roxburgh Scotland
Henry Evans Apprentice Riga Latvia
James Alexander Wallace A.B. Somerset England
Thomas Theodore Carpenter Cardigan Wales
Edwards Gibbs A.B. Stockholm Sweden
Roderick Andersen Cabin Boy Northam England
James Davey Cook British
Peter Milroy Assistant Steward Torquay England
Thomas Sefton Able Seaman Devonport England
Thomas Kanke Sailmaker Topsham England
John A. Hunkin Deck Hand Ludlow England
John Stanton Able Seaman Gottenburg Sweden
Hanrie Milch A.B. Durham England
Thomas Barwick Dalton A.B. Dover
Miles Jackson Able Seaman Suffolk England
James Waters O.S. Alsace Germany
William M. Johns O.S. Yonghal Ireland
Timothy Hill O.S. Arbroath Scotland
Owen Martin Perrott Able Seaman Dinas Pembs. Wales
Raymond Curtis A.B./Lamps South America
J.B. Strandberg A.B. Northwick England
Alfred MacDonald Trimmer Ashton
Charles Brereton O.S. Waterpord Ireland
David Nilson Deck Hand Somerset England
Jacob Sherrin Able Seaman Spillat
Lewis Walker A.B. Hull England
James Treharne Sailmaker Bordeaux France
Frank Furlong Deck Hand Throndgem Norway
Charles Miner O.S. Marseilles France
John Johnson A.B. Konigsberg
Frederick Groves Deck Hand Norge
Evan J. Rollinson Lamps/A.B. Canton China
James Ace Deck Hand Malaga Spain
Li Hong Spare Hand Formosa
Arthur Kerun Spare Hand France
Joseph Ramsay O.S. Margate
James Wells O.S. Somerset England
Alfred H. Wilson Bosun Austria
Sidney Hughes Pilot Aberdeen Scotland
Michael Walters Mate Koenigsbey
Julius Morgans O.S. Poland
Anthony Petterson Steward Poland
John Creese Able Seaman Bremen Germany
Alex Jansen Spare Hand Mold North Wales
Spero Peters O.S. Arendal Norway
Claude Bowden A.B. Lewes England
John Bowdon Purser Corfu Greece
Richard Adamson A.B./Bosun W. Werston
Stephen Bunny A.B. Faversham England
Thomas Murray O.S. Wales
William J. Flynn Able Seaman Maldon England
David Marriette Lamps Laurvig Norway
Quinton Russel O.S. Wenesborg Sweden
Arthur Farrington Lamps/A.B. Oxford England
Samuel Bengsen Baker Stettin Poland
James Harwood O.S. Berwick England
J.W. Rees Ordinary Seaman Normanton England
Edmund Williams Able Seaman Oldburg


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