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Christian Wolff was an Austrian gunner on the Obra Dinn during her last voyage in 1802. He died when he was shot point-blank by a cannon.

Story and fate

Wolff was a gunner aided by his mate, Olus Wiater. He, alongside Wiater, was responsible for the ship's weaponry and could be seen handing out weapons to the crewmen. In addition to handing out weaponry, he was responsible for commanding the guns. Wolff was in charge of the firing line when Captain Robert Witterel sentenced Hok-Seng Lau to death[1] and the cannons when the Kraken was attacking the Obra Dinn.[2]

While Wolff was commanding the cannons, the Kraken reached through a porthole and grabbed a lit cannon, along with Wolff and seaman Abraham Akbar. While it was crushing Akbar, it wrapped its tentacle around Wolff and the cannon, pressing him against the muzzle. As seaman George Shirley attempted to break Wolff free, the cannon went off, shredding the two of them.

The East India Company insurance assessment of the Obra Dinn incident finds exceptional performance of duties in his actions. His estate is awarded £70 in outstanding wages and reward.[3]

Wolff alongside his mate Olus being the coldest crewmates on Obra Dinn (in Unholy Captives, Part 2)


Clues about Wolff's identity begin at The Doom, part 3. Commanding the crew at gunnery would be the job of a gunner or gunner's mate, and Wolff's clear German accent identifies him as the gunner. Taken together with the uniform he's wearing and the marked dialogue from The Doom, part 4 allows an educated guess at his identity. In addition, he is seen commanding the firing line during the execution depicted in the Justice at Sea sketch which would be the role of the gunner. However, the game will only unblur him after Murder, part 2, where Captain Witterel addresses him by name.

Wolff was commanding the cannons while the Kraken was attacking the Obra Dinn.[2] Akbar had lit a cannon, but during the fuse the Kraken wrapped a tentacle around Wolff and the cannon, pressing him against the muzzle which eventually blasted him point-blank.


Wolff was first introduced to the player in his death scene in The Doom, part 4. Chronologically, his first appearance was Murder, part 2, where he commands the firing line at the execution of passenger Hok-Seng Lau. During the crab rider attack in Chapter 6, he is seen handing out weapons to the crew.

He can be seen at his job during both attacks on the ship (handing out weapon or commanding the guns). He appears in the Justice at Sea sketch.


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