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Charles Miner was a French sailor who served as the Bosun's Mate on the Obra Dinn during its final voyage in 1802. He perished when the Kraken attacked the ship. With 14 appearances in the game, Miner is frequently seen but his death happens off screen.


Miner was a sailor who aided Alfred Klestil. He watched over most of the day-to-day crew activities, sometimes alongside Klestil, and often in the background.

Miner first appeared when witnessing some cargo come loose and crush a seaman, Samuel Peters.[1] He was also seen blocking the Formosans when they protested the execution of Hok-Seng Lau.[2] He and Klestil were summoned by Captain Robert Witterel to take Fillip Dahl to the lazarette after he had attacked seaman John Naples.[3]

Miner assisted Klestil and the other crewmen when two crab-riders attacked the ship. At one point in the fight, Miner attempted to shoot a crab-rider, but he accidentally shot the ship's steward, Zungi Sathi.[4]

Miner was last seen fighting the Kraken alongside Klestil. This cost Klestil his arm and Miner his life. According to Fourth Mate John Davies, the Kraken tore Miner apart.[5]

In the final insurance assessment, the East India Company stated that Miner was guilty of murdering a crewmate. His estate was unknown and £35 worth of expenses was claimed.[6]


Miner putting the stick in.

Those familiar with naval history would note that Miner is French because he is wearing a marinière, a striped shirt characteristically worn by the French Navy (although it can be confused with the Russian telnyashka striped shirt). This identifies him uniquely as the only Frenchman on board.

For those who would not have noticed this, however, Miner finally becomes unblurred upon viewing Soldiers of the Sea, part 2, in which Miner can be seen commanding a group of seamen. Since giving orders to seamen is one of the primary responsibilities of a bosun – and because the bosun himself can already be identified by this point – Miner's identity as the bosun's mate can be deduced.

Miner has no death scene but is listed among the disappeared crew members in chapter VII. Since he appears in the very last part of that chapter, standing next to a tentacle and stabbing it, it can be assumed that the Kraken killed him. Also when Klestil asks about his "Frenchman", he is told he was pulled apart by the Kraken. While Miner's fate is never seen, it is recounted by John Davies in Escape, part 1.

Miner is one of the two people named Charles on board, but since the other consistently appears with other midshipmen and Miner does not wear anything similar to the other midshipmen, the two can be told apart. In Russian version of the game, the names of two Charles are transcribed differently according to their origin.


Miner appears in 14 dioramas. Chronologically, he first appears in Loose Cargo, part 1. He perishes during the events of chapter VII and is last seen in The Doom, part 8. He appears in the Justice at Sea sketch.

In other languages

Charles's surname was changed into Minel in French version and remained unchanged in all other language versions using Latin alphabets.

Language Translation Notes
French Charles Minel
Russian Шарль Минье
(Sharl' Min'ye)
Шарль and Минье are transcriptions of Charles and Miner, respectively.
Japanese チャールズ・マイナー
(Chāruzu Mainā)
チャールズ and マイナー are transcriptions of Charles and Miner, respectively. The French name Charles is more commonly transcribed as シャルル(Sharuru) in Japanese.
Simplified Chinese 查尔斯・迈纳
(Chá'ěrsī Màinà)
查尔斯 and 迈纳 are phonetic transcriptions of Charles and Miner, respectively.
Traditional Chinese 查理麥納
(Chálǐ Màinà)
查理 and 麥納 are phonetic transcriptions of Charles and Miner, respectively.
Korean 찰스 마이너
(chalseu maineo)
찰스 and 마이너 are transcriptions of Charles and Miner, respectively. The French name Charles is more commonly transcribed as 샤를(syaleul) in Korean.